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Judah Ayling


Jen Ayling

My name is Judah, and welcome to our website

I am a devoted follower of Jesus and recently celebrated 27 years of joyous marriage with Jen. Together, we have been blessed with four amazing grown-up children and even a few adorable grandkids.

Creating Christian content is not just a hobby but a genuine passion. My goal is to assist others in their spiritual growth, with a focus on Jesus. Recently, I faced a life-altering experience when I survived a two-month coma. This profound event has significantly shifted my perspective on life and what I value the most. Life can be tough; I am speaking from my own experience. I plan to open up and share more about my personal journey, life lessons, and insights on important topics such as marriage, parenting, and navigating our Christian walk in today's tumultuous world. 

Jen is diligently investing her efforts in her YouTube kids' channel while also earning credit for her documentary. Her film, 'On a Knife's Edge,' has been chosen for a film festival on Capitol Hill in Washington, and it has received recognition with over 20 awards. Additionally, it is now featured on a new Canadian streaming service. Judah's most recent short film, 'Battling Babylon,' has also achieved success by winning multiple awards.

Thanks for desiring to know more about us and don't forget to contact us if you have any questions about our projects. 


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